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Secret War (2004) #4 (NM)

Secret War (2004) #4 (NM)

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Secret War (2004) #4 in Near Mint (NM) condition

Published by Marvel Comics, May 2005

Written by Brian Michael Bendis. Art and Cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto.

It's the super battle of the year! The one you've been waiting for! Every Marvel tech villain versus every Marvel NYC hero. The secret of Secret War hangs in the balance in the penultimate chapter of this top-selling series! Fury and his band of heroes have their hands full as an army of old villains in their new hi-tech gear attack New York City. The FF are called in to assist. Lucia Von Bardas arrives and links up with her team of villains to create a giant bomb to flatten the city (and Nick Fury). Plus: Criminal profiles in "S.H.I.E.L.D. Operations Database," and a Gabriele Dell'Otto gallery. Characters in this issue: Wolverine; Spider-Man; Daredevil; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Nick Fury; Fantastic Four [Thing; Reed Richards; Sue Richards; Human Torch]; Boomerang; Constrictor; Crimson Dynamo; Diamondback; Goldbug; Grim Reaper; Hobgoblin; King Cobra; Lady Octopus; Lucia Von Bardas; Mentallo; Mister Fear; Scorpion; Scorcher; Shocker; Spider-Slayer; Trapster; Wizard. 48 pages, full color. Marvel PSR Cover price $3.99.

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