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Thor Giant-Size Finale (2009) #1A (VF)

Thor Giant-Size Finale (2009) #1A (VF)

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Thor Giant-Size Finale (2009) #1A in Very Fine (VF) condition

Published by Marvel Comics, January 2010

Written by J. Michael Straczynski. Pencils and Cover by Marko Djurdjevic.

Story continued from Thor #603 - Have the events of this arc not been shocking and gut-wrenching enough for you so far, dear readers?! All bets are off as the curtain falls - will friendly faces and a new, long-lost ally make all the difference for Thor? What are Loki's treacherous plans for the Asgardians in their new home of Latveria...and does the scheming Dr. Doom have an agenda of Doom's own? How will the humble, Earth-born Bill aid Balder, Asgard's rightful ruler...and at what cost? You won't want to miss this landmark issue of the critically acclaimed, mega-hit, Eisner-nominated THOR! PLUS: a 14-page remastered reprint of Thor's first appearance from Journey into Mystery #83 (see Thor (1962-1996 1st Series) #83) by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber & Jack Kirby, along with a 7-page preview of Thor (2007 3rd Series) #604 by Kieron Gillen & Billy Tan. 48 pages, full color, 3.99.

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